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If you need shipping for your smaller loads, LTL services may be the solution for you. Having this option allows you to move smaller freight safely and on time while saving money.

Lubenow Companies Inc is a Wisconsin freight company, offering local and regional LTL services for our clients. We also offer Local and regional cartage, expedited, and hot shot services for time-sensitive freight. As the Haul-Around Champion® of trucking companies, our team is ready to handle your freight with the care you need and deserve from a shipping company.

What is Less Than Truckload?

LTL stands for less than truckload and involves the transport of smaller freight under 9,500 pounds. When a client uses LTL services, they pay for the portion of the truck they use for their load. The rest of the cost of the truck is split among other clients that also have freight on the same trip.

LTL services are an efficient way to get your freight to its destination for a lower cost, without sacrificing the timeliness or safety of your shipment. Lubenow Companies Inc offers shipping for clients in Wisconsin, and throughout the Midwest.  We offer both inbound and outbound shipping, whether you have a single pallet or a much larger load.

FAQs about LTL Services

Here are some frequently asked questions about LTL services.

What is the difference between FTL and LTL services?

Full truckload or FTL shipping is for clients that have enough freight to fill a truck. This service is typically reserved for loads that include 12 or more pallets. LTL is available for clients that do not have a full truckload to ship and want to save costs by splitting the space with other shippers.  

How does LTL shipping work?

LTL shipping combines loads in a single truck with multiple stops. Freight can be shipped standard or expedited. Since freight is packed in individual pallets, shippers have peace-of-mind in knowing their load will arrive at its destination safely and undamaged. Shippers each only pay for the amount of the truck they need for their freight.

What are the advantages of LTL services?

LTL services can be beneficial for the right shippers. The option allows smaller companies to ship with large, professional shipping services without absorbing the cost of a full truck. The ability to share space offers cost savings while ensuring freight is handled with the care companies expect from major LTL freight companies.

How are LTL rates determined?

Rates for LTL services vary based on different factors, including:

What to Look for in Local LTL Carriers

When you are shopping for local LTL carriers, you want a company that will provide the highest level of care for your freight and timely delivery to your destination. Lubenow Companies Inc is the Haul-Around Champion® for three reasons: staff that subscribes to the highest level of professionalism, drivers that are consistently on time, and national recognition for our dedication to safety. Those are the features you want from the LTL freight company you choose.

Ready to ship? Contact Lubenow Companies Inc today to learn more about our LTL services and get your freight shipped safely and on time.

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