LTL vs Expedite Shipping

Which is right for my shipment?

Expedited services are also known as dedicated, or hotshot. 

Here are some things to consider:

I only need to ship a skid or two; I’m struggling to find a carrier with capacity for my shipment.” 

When Shipping LTL, you don’t want to pay for a half-empty semi, but services require multiple stops to unload and other unpredictable factors that can make your shipment take much longer than you expect.

Our Expedited Shipping Services:

I need my shipment to get there as fast as possible; a lot is riding on this shipment arriving on time.” 

When Shipping LTL, your cargo travels on a shared vehicle. LTL involves more handling during other stops, automatically increasing the chance of damage, misplacement, and slowdowns. Even if you know where the truck is, you are not aware of what number delivery you are. Estimating the time for delivery is guesswork at best.

Our Expedited Shipping Services Provide:

I can’t afford to lose a customer due to damaged freight; it must arrive in the same condition it left the warehouse.” 

When Shipping LTL, your freight shares a vehicle with others and is loaded and unloaded from the vehicle multiple times, increasing the risk of damage or loss. 

Our Expedited Shipping Services Provide:

I want fair, cost-effective shipping, and I don’t want to be surprised by extra fees.” 

When Shipping LTL, unpredictable factors can drive prices sky-high even after confirming your order: freight classifications, liftgate service, stacking, fuel, and other truck expenses. 

Our Expedited Shipping Services:

My carrier failed to deliver; I need our freight retrieved.” 

 Carrier failures are more common than you would like to think, our team of professional drivers is ready and able to pick up where others fail.

Our Expedited Shipping Services Include:

My cargo requires extra care.” 

When Shipping LTL, your cargo is just one passenger on a vehicle of many. Your shipment will not receive extra care or services. 

Our Expedited Shipping Services include optional White Glove Priority Delivery, which includes: 

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