Get your full truckload to your destination on time and intact.

Large loads deserve safe and timely delivery. When your business needs to ship efficiently, Lubenow Companies Inc is the trucking company to call. Our full truckload services consist of modern equipment, guided by a team that understands the critical importance of fast transit and excellent service. With a broad range of shipping options and service to 48 states, Lubenow Companies Inc is your go-to transport company for all your FTL services.

What Is Full Truckload Service?

Full truckload shipping uses a full semi-trailer to ship your freight to one or more locations. It typically involves loads up to 40,000 pounds and is often the preferred shipping method for time-sensitive products since it usually involves the fastest, most efficient route. In addition to faster transit, shippers usually enjoy better rates for the service overall.

Reasons to choose full truckload service might include:

We can leverage fleets to manage a wide range of freight. Dry vans are available to ship cargo. that is not temperature sensitive. In addition to our own modern fleet, we are able to provide you with flatbeds and refrigerated truck service. Flatbeds are not restricted by doors, which can be helpful for loading bulky freight. Reefer trucks (Refrigerated) are the right choice for cargo that needs to be kept at a particular temperature while in transit. 

Your Supply Chain Solution

Transport services are only as good as the supply chain solution they provide. Our team is committed to ensuring your load gets from your starting location to your final destination with the following supply chain options:

Lubenow Companies Inc also reduces the risks of damaged freight by reducing the occurrence of cross-docking. When you load your own freight and your customer unloads it, there is less chance for issues in handling.

Why Choose Lubenow Companies Inc?

Lubenow Companies Inc has been providing transport services for more than two decades. During that time, we have learned a few things about how to treat our customers and the freight we ship for them. Our commitment to service has earned us the distinction of Haul-Around Champion®

When you work with Lubenow Companies Inc, you receive the following benefits:

Haul-Around Champion logoThe Lubenow Companies Inc family offers more than 20 years of experience to represent your business well on the road and beyond. As the Haul-Around Champion®, are dedicated to professionalism, timeliness and safety with every full truckload we ship.

If you need a truck service, trust your freight to the professional team at Lubenow Companies Inc. To learn more about our services or get a quote for your transport services, contact our company today.

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