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Your solution for expedited shipping.

Lubenow Companies Inc provides Local Cartage and Expedited, time-definite white glove service for our B2B (Business to Business) commercial clients. With competitive rates, modern equipment, and real-time tracking, you can rest assured your freight will get to its destination in top condition and on time. Lubenow Companies Inc offers shipping to 48 states with dispatchers available 24/7, 365 days a year to handle all your express shipping needs. 

Service Options for Every Situation

Service solutions tailored to your business; with local cartage & expedited delivery, you can count on.

No matter what type of cargo you need to ship, our state-of-the-art equipment and professional team are prepared to help. Our fleet includes Straight Trucks, Cargo Vans, Sprinters and 53 ft semi options, which can accommodate both palletized and non-palletized freight.

We offer four different shipping size options:

With a variety of vehicles in our fleet, you can rest assured you will have designated equipment to take your freight directly from one location to another as expeditiously as possible. We also offer expedited shipping for LTL in some circumstances.

On Time Expedited Shipping, Every Time

You don’t invest in expedited shipping without good reason. When your freight needs to get to your destination fast, these services ensure time-definite delivery. We specialize in expedited freight, although we offer other shipping options that are also competitively priced. Our commitment is to on-time delivery and outstanding service, so you have confidence in knowing your freight is going to arrive safely, intact and on time.

We understand that waiting for an expedited delivery to arrive can be anxiety-provoking. Our dispatchers are on hand 24/7, 365 days a year to answer your questions and alleviate your concerns. We track our shipments in real time so you always know where your freight is at.

Your bottom line is our bottom line. We consistently manage deadlines because we value our customers too much to lose them to late deliveries. Our drivers understand the critical importance of time-definite delivery and honor their schedules as well to get your freight there on time.

B2B White Glove Priority Delivery

For B2B deliveries requiring an extra touch, we offer White Glove Priority Delivery. This service includes a team of two drivers who will pack and secure your cargo on a skid. We take care to blanket wrap items and secure them with straps. Once our team arrives at the delivery location, they unpack and set up your cargo in the exact area you would like it placed*.  Afterward, our team removes any debris and packing material.

*Elevator availability required for deliveries not on the ground level floor of the building.

The Lubenow Companies Inc Difference

Lubenow Companies Inc doesn’t just offer expedited shipping, we include our commitment to excellence with every job. There are three good reasons why our company has been chosen by other businesses as the Haul-Around Champion® of trucking companies:

Are you looking for expedited shipping services? Our company is equipped to provide you with the highest level of service and reliability. Contact a member of our team today to learn more about your transport options.

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Expedited Freight Shipping FAQs

When you need to move freight fast, standard shipping services may not get the job done. You need expedited freight shipping to provide prompt delivery. What is expedited freight shipping, and how does it work?

What Is Expedited Freight Shipping?

Expedited freight shipping is a method of delivering goods faster than normal shipping processes. When deliveries are urgent, expedited shipping ensures that transit time is held to the least amount of time possible, to arrive at the destination without delays.

In most cases, shipments are moved directly from the pickup point to the final destination.

Expedited delivery can encompass truckload volumes or smaller loads that utilize a Sprinter Cargo Van or Straight Truck.

How Fast Is Expedited Delivery?

If you consider an example of a standard shipping process of 3-5 days, expedited freight shipping could reduce the transit time by a day or two – sometimes more. In many cases, delivery time can be reduced from days to a matter of hours.

Planning in advance for expedited freight needs with your carrier is the best way to maximize the value of expedited shipping. This allows your freight carrier to schedule drivers and equipment so that they’re available to pick up shipments as soon as they’re ready to move.

How Do You Monitor Expedited Shipments?

Lubenow Companies Inc leverages technology to track expedited freight accurately, which keeps you informed of exactly where your shipments are along the way.

Dispatchers have up-to-the-minute information to pinpoint your expedited freight and ensure on-time delivery.

What Is the Cost of Expedited Freight Shipping?

The cost of expedited shipping will vary depending on the distance, equipment required, and the type of goods being transported. All types of shipping can be expedited, including:

Most importantly, when expedited delivery is required, the cost is justified. Getting freight to its destination on time, safely, and completely intact is the primary concern, especially when circumstances call for prompt delivery:

The advantages of expedited freight shipping exceed the added cost. Expediting reduces handling time, eliminates extra movement of freight between transportation modes, and provides real-time information about your freight’s location.

Tracking and direct movement from pickup to the destination also increases the security of your shipment.

How Does Expedited Shipping Work?

Expedited freight shipping typically includes a single method of transportation from pickup to delivery. This reduces extra handling such as from truck to rail, then back to a delivery truck. Managing your freight in this way provides better tracking of your shipments and assures safe transit and delivery.

Lubenow Companies Inc offers Instant Quotes, to provide you with accurate expedited freight quote for your shipments.

Are All Expedited Freight Carriers the Same?

Expedited shipping and delivery are specialized services that offer shippers many advantages to justify the cost:

Not all expedited shipping carriers offer the same variety of equipment and services. Check with your proposed carrier in advance to ensure they can meet all your expedited freight shipping requirements.

Consider the Haul-Around Champion® for your expedited freight needs. With over 20 years in the business, we have the team, equipment, and experience to consistently get your freight there on time.