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Why Work for Us? Here Are Some Benefits You’ll Enjoy

Too often, truck drivers struggle for a fair shake. Not here – if you work for us, you’ll be able to enjoy perks like:

Free uniforms, one-week of vacation time on the date of hire, six paid holidays per year on the date of hire – the list of benefits just goes on and on, like the open highway.

If you have a CDL and driving experience, we’d love to hear from you.

A Dignified Profession Where Workers Deserve Respect

For as long as it has existed, truck driving has always been a cornerstone of the American economy.

Truck driving jobs are more crucial to normal life than most people realize. Given that they power America’s preferred freight modality, truck drivers make sure shelves and storerooms stay stocked.

If you’re an experienced truck driver in Wisconsin, you’ve probably considered your options carefully. There are a lot of things to deliberate before you approach a prospective employer about getting behind the wheel for them. Money, benefits, and scheduling all matter.

But of all these elements, the central quality CDL jobs should offer is respect. If drivers are respected, it means they’ll be treated well in both work environment and compensation.

If you’re in or around the northeastern Wisconsin area, consider working for Lubenow Companies Inc. – one click on that Apply Now button, and you could be on your way to a thriving trucking career.

Our Mission: Professionalism Toward Clients & Employees Alike

CDL jobs are plentiful – the nation needs truckers badly, but not all carriers are created equal. Lubenow Companies Inc. is more than just a company that moves freight. We’re an organization that values professionalism and respect toward our clients as well as our drivers.

As an integral member of our organization, you’ll demonstrate our values to our clients. Our drivers are true  professionals, arriving on time to destinations and showing our clients how much we respect their business.

You’ll know all about those values, first hand, because you’ll be enjoying them as well. We know how important CDL jobs are, and when we find experienced OTR truck drivers willing to go the extra mile (literally and  figuratively), we make sure they know how they’re valued.

When workers are treated with respect, it’s better for the company, and the clients – an arrangement where everyone wins.

Apply for Lucrative Truck Driving Jobs Today

We’ve been in the freight business for over two decades and know a solid roster breeds a thriving company culture.

By being a trusted resource for our clients, we can offer Wisconsin’s drivers some great perks that make the job worthwhile and then some.

Click Apply Now to get started today. Set off on the journey to a job where you’re respected for the important work you’ll do.


Home Time: Weekly
Pay: $0.56-$0.58/Mile

Local | CDL – A

Home Time: Daily
Pay: $20/hr + Safety Bonus

Straight Truck/Sprinter Interstate & Intrastate

Home Time: Weekly/Daily
Pay: $14/hr + Safety Bonus

Straight Truck Intrastate Only / Sprinter Interstate & Intrastate

Home Time: Weekly/Daily
Pay: $13/hr + Safety Bonus

Sprinter Only / Interstate & Intrastate

Home Time: Weekly/Daily
Pay: $12/hr + Safety Bonus