International Shipping to Mexico and Canada

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What is the Best Way to Ship Crossborder to Mexico or Canada?

When you need to get your freight across international boundaries, you want a shipping company that knows how to transport loads safely and efficiently. Lubenow Companies Inc offers this service via our partner carriers, providing our clients all the shipping options they need to move freight across the country and across borders. What is the best way to ship cross-border? Lubenow Companies Inc has the solution for you.

How Does International Shipping Work?

International shipping does not have to be overly complex, but it does involve a few extra steps and forms to complete correctly. Documents required for international shipping include:

See additional international shipping requirements here.

Beyond the additional paperwork, international shipments are handled in a similar fashion to domestic freight. You want to be sure the company handling your cargo, packs it carefully and safely and offers options in tracking your shipment until it arrives at the destination.

What is the Best Way to Ship Internationally? FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to shipping internationally.

What are my options in international shipping?

You can choose from standard and expedited international shipping. Expedited international shipping is the quickest way to get your freight to its destination. Lubenow Companies Inc proudly offers expedited international shipping to both Canada and Mexico, through our carrier network.

What are the best ways to ship household items cross-border?

While we offer international shipping for business-to-business as well as large or high-value shipments, our services are not best-suited for most residential moving needs. We recommend checking with moving companies when moving common household belongings.

What is international shipping software?

Since international shipping requires more paperwork than domestic transport, some Custom Brokers have developed software to streamline the process and make it more efficient and accurate. At Lubenow Companies Inc, once you provide the necessary documents and paperwork, we handle the rest, saving you time and frustration.

Can I track my freight?

While tracking domestic cargo is essential, tracking international freight is critical. You want to know your shipment arrived at its destination on time and intact. When you ship crossborder with Lubenow Companies Inc, our team is happy to provide you with tracking updates, upon request.

How to Calculate Crossborder Shipping Costs

Your international shipping cost will be based on a variety of factors. Some of those variables might include whether you choose standard or expedited international shipping, the number of items, and the weight of your freight and type of vehicle that will transport your property. International shipments require two additional costs as well, for duty and value-added tax (VAT).

Choosing Your International Carrier

The best way to ship freight cross-border begins with the right carrier. You need a shipping company that will handle your cargo with care through every step of the process. A company that knows how to navigate border crossing with ease, with a team that can easily converse with those at the border to get your freight through without interruption.

Lubenow Companies Inc has been named the Haul-Around Champion® among shipping companies for three good reasons. First, we maintain a high level of professionalism through every step of the process. Our drivers deliver on time consistently, so you don’t have to worry about delays. Finally, Lubenow Companies Inc has been recognized for their commitment to safety on the road.

International-Cross Border shipping is easy with the right carrier. Contact Lubenow Companies Inc today to learn more about these shipping services.