International Shipping Requirements

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International Shipping to Mexico and Canada

International shipping does not have to be overly complex, but it does involve a few extra steps and forms to complete correctly. Documents required for international shipping include:

  • Commercial Invoice: In addition to containing the value of the cargo, this document will include customs duties and taxes.
  • Export Packing List: This list includes everything on a domestic list, plus carrier information, freight details and mode of transport.
  • Certificate of Origin: This certificate shows the country where freight was manufactured and must be signed and certified in some cases.
  • US Customs Broker: Shipper must have a known Customs Broker that will clear the shipment into Canada or Mexico. Customs Broker phone number and fax number must appear on Bill of Lading and the Customs Documents. The charges for Custom Brokers work is billed to the customer directly from the Broker.
    • All paperwork must be forwarded to the carrier who in turn sends it to the Custom Broker. The process allows the freight to be cleared before arriving at the border, in many cases.
    • Need a Customs Broker? We provide our clients with a list of qualified brokers.

Lubenow Companies Inc’s International Shipping Services, to Canada and Mexico, utilize Cargo/Sprinter Vans and Straight Trucks to transport goods cross-border.

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